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Talmundo by Talentech

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Talmundo aims to modernize and streamline onboarding activities with employee experience as the main driver. We help employers all over the world revolutionize their employee onboarding journey with our SaaS platform.

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Revolutionize onboarding

Talmundo is a digital, scalable and future-friendly onboarding solution spanning the entire new hire lifecycle.
Our mobile-friendly onboarding platform will streamline your onboarding and save you time, all while helping you build a culture of employee engagement, decrease new hire time-to-productivity, and de-risk recruitment investments.
It’s your turn to create a world-class employee onboarding experience that delivers measurable results.

* Build on the promises made during recruitment and inspire new hires with engaging, intuitive onboarding tools that put experience first.
* Deliver custom interactive content that prepares recruits and promotes your organization with our easy-to-use learning page builder.
* Balance personalization and brand consistency with targeted onboarding based on job title, department, global location, and much more.

* Schedule quizzes, forms, and gamified company learning, relative to an onboardee’s start date, with time-sensitive content delivery.
* Oversee all administrative tasks and actions across the entire onboarding lifecycle with comprehensive task management.
* Be there for your new hire whenever and wherever they need you with our digital onboarding chatbot.

* Access data and analytics to make informed decisions with our extensive in-app reporting dashboards.
* Compare performance across onboardee groups, and identify challenges & future opportunities, with cross-organizational reporting.
* Join the Onboarding Academy alongside other leading employers and benefit from the dedicated support of our onboarding experts.

As a user of SYMPA you can easily set up an integration with TALMUNDO, which will allow you to sync data from the recruitment phase of the employee journey to the preboarding and onboarding phase. All your new hires will have the onboarding they deserve.


  • Provide unique experience based journey for your new hire
  • Fast new employee productivity
  • Less employee turnover
  • Better employee brand