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Sympa Suite Core

  • Sympa Feature

Manage your Core HR master data in one Suite solution and connect easily to other business applications.

Monthly charge

360,00 490,00 

Note. The monthly fee shall be invoiced on an annual basis in advance (12 months’ fees). All prices exclude VAT.


Sympa Suite is your modern people system. Sympa Suite Core allows you to manage all of your central HR processes from onboarding, contracting, salary reviews all the way to offboarding the employees that are the most pivotal factors for your employment lifecycle. You can also connect Sympa Suite Core with your other systems such as payroll and enjoy the benefits of automation. Check out all Sympa connectors here.

Sympa Suite Core platform workflow capabilities allow you to follow up your central HR processes as you can set up reminders and approval flows to support your business. Your HR data is available in Sympa's powerful reporting and analytics tool to get the valuable insights that line managers and other stakeholders like HR require.

Note. The onboarding fee (one-time) of the Core-solution is based on the scope of the onboarding project (selected HR processes/features) and will be added on top of the monthly charge.


  • HR Master data in one place
  • Workflow support
  • Reporting and analytics build-in and accessible for everyone
  • Modern integration methods available through connectors and API interfaces