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Sympa BP – Offboarding follow-up

  • Sympa Feature

Manage your offboarding actions and status through Sympa, check out how!

Implementation fee

Note. All prices exclude VAT


Offboarding status and checklists (1 page) 

  1. Offboarding checklists for HR and/or manager
  • Up to 10 lists with a maximum of 20 tasks each 
  1. Collection of the reason for leaving
  2. Other additional fields (4) to maintain offboarding data (optional)
  3. Offboarding status per topic (optional)
  • Status follow-up 
  • Manager and/or HR approval 
  • Email notifications based on the offboarding start date 
  1. Customer-specific guide texts (optional)
  2. Edit or view access for HR, manager and/or other relevant users. View or no access for employees.
  3. Two ready-made reports (optional)
  • Offboarding incomplete 
  • Leavers by reason  


Offboarding checklists for employee – ESS (1 page) (optional) 

  1. Offboarding checklists for employee
  • Up to 4 lists with a maximum of 20 tasks each 


  1. Other additional fields (4) for the employee to fill in (optional)
  2. Customer-specific guide texts (optional)
  3. Edit access for the employee, and edit/view/declined access for HR and/or manager