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Sympa BP – Compensation and Benefits

  • Sympa Feature

Manage your compensation and benefits process with Sympa, check out how!

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Compensation management (1 page) 

  1. Management of basic salary components 
  • For example, monthly wage, hourly salary, or other reoccurring salary components 
  1. Management of personal benefits (optional)
  2. Management of bonus and other one-off payments (optional)
  3. Other additional fields (5) for compensation and benefits (optional)
  4. Customer-specific guide texts (optional)
  5. Approval workflow for compensation, benefits and/or one-off payments (optional)
  6. Edit or view access for HR and manager. View or no access for employee
  7. Up to 3 ready-made reports: (optional)
  • Average monthly salary per gender 
  • Average monthly salary per organisation level 
  • Salary distribution per age