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StatBun HR

  • Early Access Program

Monitor and analyse Sympa data with easy-to-use tools. Combine HR and diverse business data into advanced metrics that support HR decision-making and reporting of HRM’s impact on business performance.

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StatBun HR Reporting offers three pre-defined dashboards with a variety of standard and advanced HR KPI metrics. You can also easily customise your dashboards. The modern, clear
visualisations allow easy comparison of internal data. The upcoming StatBun HR Analytics will enable also benchmarking and comparisons to company external data.

Gain advanced metrics by integrating other data sources e.g., financial data, into StatBun. When combining HR and other data into cross-functional KPIs you can utilise deeper data insights in HRM.

Easy-to-use advanced HR metrics

StatBun HR provides you with

  • easy-to-use BI tools for data driven HRM
  • standard and advanced HR KPIs
  • the possibility to add cross-functional data into advanced metrics for HRM
  • ready-to-use and individually customisable dashboards with visualisations of KPI metrics
  • real time data accessible on any device at any time – whenever, wherever you need to gain or share data insights
  • secure and GDPR compliant data utilisation

With the help of StatBun HR you

  • gain comprehensive up-to-date data to monitor, report and analyse HR KPI metrics
  • get quick visual overview and deeper insights that match each users’ specific needs
  • make the strategic value and impact of HRM on business performance explicit
  • compare KPIs e.g., across different teams and locations in the organisation
  • benchmark KPIs e.g., on industry level, by business type or by location
  • can easily share data and communicate insights transparently to different

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Please note that this product contains a monthly fee. 


  • Easy-to-use tools for data driven HRM
  • Deeper insights from advanced metrics with cross-functional data
  • Bring transparency to HRM’s impact on business performance
  • Benchmark and compare KPIs
  • Real time data accessible securely on any device at any time