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Salary Review go-live support

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Digitalise your salary review process with Sympa together with the support of a consultant

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Are you interested in starting to use the Salary Review feature, but unsure of how? Don't worry, we got you covered! With the salary review service package, you will be walked through the whole process together with one of our consultants.

Make your salary review process efficient with the Sympa tool. You can use it both for fixed increases or personal raises - or a combination of the two of these! The tool makes it possible for also managers to be involved in the process. The managers are guided by raise targets or limits, not to exceed set company budgets.

The Sympa salary review gives HR and management a clear overview. Using the salary review tool, excels and mass-updates become unnecessary, saving both time and additional costs.


  • Digital tool
  • Budget allocation
  • Workflow support
  • Real-time transparency
  • Automated salary change process