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Priima LMS – PriimaResultsAPI

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Export results from Priima LMS to Sympa

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1 300,00 

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Does your organization user Priima LMS for training and you want to see the course results data of your personnel automatically also in Sympa? PriimaResultsAPI is an easy solution that will bring all the necessary training data right away available to see in Sympa. With PriimaResultsAPI all the course results will be automatically exported from Priima LMS to Sympa. With PriimaResultsAPI you can have all reports concerning your personnel and their training in Sympa. Just build the courses inside Priima LMS and create suitable targeting for each course based on the data of your personlle, for example working location or job position.

Priima LMS - Sympa - integration package includes:

  • Compliancy check 30 min
  • Check together with consultant that this is the solution for you
  • Defining the user information necessary in integration and the criteria for export rules 1-2h
  • Meeting including Sympa Priima LMS integration specialist Setting up Priima LMS test environment for checking the integration operates as intended 1-3 h.
  • Test and, if necessary, modify the integration to make sure everything works as planned and you you are seeing the right reporting results in Sympa.
  • Connecting the integration to Sympa and Priima LMS 1h
  • Connect the integration between Sympa and Priima LMS


  • Training results of your personel in one place
  • Export course results automatically from the LMS to HR
  • Allocate training for your personnel
  • Automate the results exporting