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Outsourced Admin service

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Need extra admin resources in your team? Take a look at Sympa’s outsourced admin service?

Monthly charge

390,00 1 090,00 

Note. All prices exclude VAT


We offer to our customers cost-effective Sympa admin user service, through which you can outsource all or some of the admin user tasks. "Through the admin user service, you can take full advantage of the Sympa solution and support your business in the best possible way. Sympa's expertise enables efficient and fast implementation of development projects.

Admin user service includes:
- Data uploads
- Integration changes
- System changes (datacard, form, and profile changes)
- Creation of document templates
- Approval chain changes
- Filter setup configuration
- Adding and changing the organisation chart
- User rights changes


  • Allows the customer to free up resources from system maintenance tasks
  • Allows the customer to focus on their core business
  • Competence is not dependant on a single person
  • Competence will not disappear from the organization with personnel changes