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Nepton – Standardized Nepton Pro worktime management

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Finland´s most popular worktime management tool – Manage working hours, absences and days off easily even with your mobile device.

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Now you can have a standardized version of Nepton Pro worktime management with free and fast deployment. With Nepton, managing working hours, absences and days off is made easy. You can use comprehensive reporting to manage your business and accelerate processes with the help of automated Finnish work law interpretations and overtime payroll calculations.

Personnel master data from Sympa will automatically be synchronized with Nepton via API (included to the monthly price).

The staff can access Nepton on their phone, tablet or computer. Timesheets can be easily allocated during or after a working day. Your employees will be happy to use a smooth and clear cloud service – so you will always have accurate and up-to-date information.

Using Nepton you can track working hours, for example, by customer, project and work type. Tracking and reporting are simple and allocated hours can be the basis for invoicing or project tracking.

Overtime is directed to the flexi saldo or salary. Annual vacations, absences and days off can be quickly marked to the correct time period. Employees will also be able to correct their own mistakes and omissions directly on their mobile phone.

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Note. This product contains monthly recurring fee, see Basic info-tab for further information.


  • Finnish Work Law interpretation for flexi time and overtime
  • Standardized reports for work time and absences
  • Advanced mobile application
  • Task allocation for projects and various work types
  • Free customer service and training for admin users