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Microsoft Active Directory (AD) connector

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Automate connection between Sympa and Active Directory

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Sympa AD integration provides automatic synchronisation of personal information between Sympa and Microsoft Active Directory (AD). When a person is hired, their information, such as their name and organisational information, is automatically transferred to AD. Correspondingly, when a person’s information is updated in Sympa, it is also updated in AD. At the end of the employment relationship, Sympa AD integration automatically sets the person’s credentials to expire in AD if this option is selected. This way, former employees do not retain their access to company systems and information by accident. Sympa AD integration is bidirectional: this data is also transferred automatically to Sympa, eliminating the need to maintain data in two systems simultaneously. If Sympa Single Sign-on is used, Sympa AD integration simplifies maintenance of user information as the user ID can be stored in one system only.

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