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Emooter – AI-powered coaching app for improving wellbeing at work

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Emooter is a mental wellbeing coach to prevent arising issues for employees, teams, and leaders. Emooter app is scalable, AI-powered and 100% science-based. It is built privacy-first and is GDPR compliant.

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Emooter is on a mission to make well-being your company's sustainable competitive advantage. Emooter helps employees, teams and leaders to assess and understand their well-being. How does Emooter help employees and organization today?

First, Emooter’s chatbot interviews every team member regularly so that they can easily keep track of their wellbeing. It then provides instant, personal insights for knowing how your well-being ("mental state" is developing, and when to react or seek help. Lastly, Emooter offers you personalized science-based recommendations (suggestions, exercises, etc.) for taking preventive and corrective actions targeted to your mental state.

Similarly, Emooter provides the team with real-time insights and suggests means for improving wellbeing as a team or enabling you as HR or leader to react in a preventive manner to help them early and before the arising issues turn into challenges or problems.

Our secret sauce is knowing and sensing the employees' mental state and matching the best possible timely interventions (suggestions, exercises, etc) to their needs. Hence, provide the employees with the means to self-manage their work and mental wellbeing.


  • Emooter helps prevent stress, exhaustion,and other work-related issues leading to less sick-leaves and more sustainable productivity.
  • Emooter helps people lead their wellbeing together with their team leading to more resilient and self-managed teams.
  • Emooter helps people engage with their work, find meaning, and thrive leading to higher customer and employee satisfaction and more innovative team.