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eLearning for line managers for supporting employee wellbeing

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With the Aino e-learning platform, we give line managers an easily accessible leadership training specifically tailored towards leadership in conjunction with working ability and health management.

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The content of Aino e-learning has been developed by Aino Health using inputs from valued business and academic experts in the fields of health and working ability management. eLearning can be integrated into LMS system or utilised separately f.ex. with Aino HealthManager implementation as a training tool.

The e-learning training is hands-on and includes several real-life examples and online exercises, which stimulate the participants’ own thinking. Multiple presentation formats, such as videos, pictures, and text are utilized.

The training focuses on three main areas:
- To understand the working ability and its impacts on the organization
- The overall framework of early support and management of working ability
- Concrete inputs on what a leader can do to manage working ability

Note. This product contains monthly recurring fee, see Basic info-tab for further information.


  • Strengthens leadership skills for line managers
  • Interactive learning method
  • Developed by academic experts
  • Integration to LMS system
  • Certification for the participant