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2 hour Sympa Connectivity clinic

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Need to discuss connectivity? Sympa Connectivity clinic is here to help

One-time fee


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Spend two (2) hours together with a Sympa Connectivity Consultant online, going through your needs and decide on changes and updates to be made. Send the topics beforehand to us and we will prepare accordingly for the clinic meeting.

The Connectivity Clinic is a formal and appropriate way of ordering the consulting work from a Connectivity Consultant. The customer can inform the details in 'Order notes' and after placing the order, we ensure the handling of the request and preparations for the Clinic meeting in a smooth process.
The Clinic is meant to formulate the scope, dependencies and have a common understanding of the upcoming project/tasks that helps in agreeing on the pricing&scope of the project/tasks themselves. If an integration is needed, then after the Clinic meeting the scope&pricing for the integration project is sent for the customer approval.


  • Collaboration
  • System health check
  • Plan ahead
  • Respond to business needs