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Pay Equity Analysis

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Pay Equity Analysis is not rocket science, we call it data science! Our platform will give you profound insights into your organization around salary and gender equality. Our goal is to make you as an employer aware of potential challenges and give you recommendations of how to tackle them, moving your organization towards an equal workplace.

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One small step for your organization—one giant leap for equality! Try out our market leading tool.

Carrying out a Pay Equity Analysis is the very best way to ascertain those salaries in your organization are equal. Our tool supports you throughout the process, in everything from job evaluation to in-depth salary analysis and salary comparisons. It also allows you to experiment with salary levels directly in the tool—with a complete final report as a result.

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  • Focusing on taking action, not only measure
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Automated reporting of findings
  • Advanced mathematical AI
  • Project Management to drive internal change